the end of bitcoins for me

Posted on: Sat May 18 07:16:56 2013

I still cannot totally believe I am doing this and that is why I am probably writing about it. But I am done with mining bitcoins.

Since I started about 3 years ago, difficulty has been getting harder and harder even after I have added 5 more cards to mining infrastructure. Recently I sat down and did a little math out, and came to find out with my current average payouts I was only going to pull in 0.45 bitcoins a month.

This would be mining with 5 radeon 5850s two of which are mining 247. No longer acceptable nor ‘worth it’ I threw in the towel. I cashed out my last 2 coins on MtGox and sent the cash to my dwolla. The next day US authorities freeze up MtGox and Dwolla. Looks like I got out at the right time.

I took the money from those last bitcoins and bought a new single, nvidia card. A 660Ti FTW from evga. I haven’t used an nvidia card in ages, and feel a bit that I betrayed myself after being an ATI fanboy for so long, but the time has come where I need to use a *nix based full time and need that better *nix support nvidia offers.

Good news is my office is a lot quieter now, and my electricity bill will be substantially lower. So now I’m sitting here with a stack of 5 radeons hoping I can find them a good home.

And all I am is sad, that I no longer will have that fun extra income of bitcoins nor an ATI card.

I hope I don’t end up regretting going nvidia, my last experience with EVGA was less than nice.

Only time will tell.