New Toy - Sun Ultra 20 Workstation

Posted on: Thu May 30 07:16:56 2013

Ok I guess I am going to try and blog about my new ‘toys’ or ‘cool’ purchases.

Today I got my Sun Ultra 20 Workstation delivered. Now most would ask:

“Why the hell did you buy a old piece of Sun hardware?”

Well I do not really have a good answer for that, 1. I like Sun stuff. 2. I have been wanting this series of workstation for awhile (just for the chassis even).

I picked this bad boy up off ebay for ~$60. I consider that a steal, after checking out the specs.

So what am I going to do with this? Not really sure yet, I originally just wanted the chassis, but the parts this came with are pretty decent for yet another home server.

I plan on loading Debian on this for now just to check the rest of it out, maybe Solaris 10? I like this workstation too because it is pretty clear Sun was trying to compete with apple at the time for a Workstation class PC. The Chassis is very similar material that comprises PowerMac and MacPro chassis as well pretty boss specs for 2005 (high end GPU and DVD burner).

Anyway that’s about it. Maybe if I remember I’ll post back about what I have end up doing with this (inb4 in a closet), but I am thinking possibly a server to store and rotate backups as I have 4 spare 500Gb drives that would fit nicely in here.