my nvidia mistake

Posted on: Mon Jul 8 07:16:56 2013

Okay this is oging to be a quick post since I am bery busy at the present, but here we go.

Anyway some of you may know I have recently switched graphics card in my main computer. I talk about it here in this post, where I discuss my end in the bitcoin arena.

Anyway tl;dr I stopped mining and after years of using ATI/AMD graphics card (happily) I opted to retire my tri-crossfire 5850 configuration for a modest 660Ti FTW. I went with this because I have long known of and longed for NVIDIA’s better linux/unix support. I don’t have much time for gaming anymore so I figured this card would be perfect.

I should also say I did have an nvidia card about 5 - 6 years ago, which was the first and last NVIDIA card I swore I would purchase. After it melted down on me. This was a 7300GT.

And at the time EVGA basically gave me such a run around that it was too difficult/not worth replacing.

Well it seems I forgot mistake. After not much more than 2 months of use my EVGA 660Ti FTW edition card died.

About two days ago, after hearing of the origin password incident I decided to install origin back on my computer, because hey I forgot I had BF3. Anyway I noticed my computer started acting strange locking up etc. etc. Anyway I let the huge download go over night and returned to the computer in the morning.

Upon returing and I noticed several red squares/artifacts all over my screen. I knew this was a bad sign, and I had seen artifacts before but nothing a quick restart didn’t fix. Anyway after rebooting my computer would not stop blue screening with the mention of a very common nvidia sys driver failure. After clearing the driver, updating the driver, and reinstalling the driver still nothing. Even without the driver now the computer is blue screening.

Not saying it was related to Origin, bu it is awfully interesting.

I have opened an RMA with EVGA, and sent my card back to them today. So after spending over $350 on a graphics card EVGA still doesn’t give out prepaid labels making my purchase now +$17.50.

I suppose I could hook up a spare 5850 that I keep in the even of something like this. But I seem to be more productive without it at the moment. Hopefully when I finally get this new card, it may work for … longer than 3 months. Anyway please think twice before you buy an NVIDIA card. I know I won’t be buying another one.