Posted on: Mon Oct 7 07:16:56 2013

okay first insert obligatory “I don’t post enough here” statement. Sorry for the few that actually read this, I literally have a page full of stuff I want to write about here, and just no time to do so.

Next order of business, I proposed to ladyfish at a relaxing mini-vacation this weekend. Of course she said yes, and now I have a fiancee :-). I had been planning this since late August, and I am really bad at keeping surprises like this so it has been killing me for over a month.

It’s all a bit surreal still as I didn’t think too much past the “get her the ring” step but as nervous as I am about things I am very excited.

So, yeah.. there is probably going to be an even larger gap in posts on here. Sorry honestly. But do know I do have some ideas that I will come back to, just might be awhile.

I am just so happy and relieved and nervous all at once. I guess this is more personal than most of my posts on here or whatever but yeah its a hoge-podge of shit.

And the fiancee would like me to tell you that she read this, and she says hi.