changing TLDs .es => .in

Posted on: Sun Dec 8 07:16:56 2013

so is coming up for renewal next month and I don’t think I will be keeping it.


I originally purchased from, who had it for only $10 I think. It was great at the time until I ran into some issues (don’t recall exactly what), and had to open a support chat.
Long story short the lady from namecheap had no idea what a .es even was nor knew that namecheap even sold them.


I transferred the domain name to, who is pretty awesome. They give free webhosting, email, ssl certs, and more.
Anyway to purchase this domain I somehow managed to prove my Spanish heritage to Namecheap and it went through. I do not think it will work this time with gandi.\n\nI also own and think I will just move everything over to that, it actually already is working for most bananafish things. Unless I can find a \“better\” domain name. \nI considered but at $100/yr, it is not worth it to me.\n\nAnyway once I decide to make it official I will put it in bold on the main bananafish site.