new blog!

Posted on: Sun Dec 8 07:16:56 2013

holy shit! a new post and a “new” blog!

okay so I decided to transition my personal blog (this one) to the Ghost blogging patform. For various reasons…

First and foremost, it has a really nice editor that is accessed via a webpage. It is really simple and just takes markdown.

Secondly, it’s clean and perfect for a personal blog like this. I really like octopress and jekyll for my other projects (see and but for my personal blog I would rather it be simple and clean but with a nice editor that encourages me to write, anywhere.

Thirdly, it’s shiny and new… I think Ghost has a lot of potential and the developers are very serious about it. It will only keep getting better.

Now with good there is always bad…

I really only worried about two things with this new platform.

First, it doesn’t use a flat file structure like octopress or jekyll. I really liked that, simple text files are the ultimate in portability and Ghost stores everything in a sqlite db :

Second, Ghost uses node.js. I hate it. Everytime I need to run something that uses node.js it takes longer to find the right version that doesn’t have broken issues with sqlite-dev or etc. (For this blog it took 4 tries until I came at node v.0.10.22)

For me the good still outweighed the bad, and I have seen a method to export posts on here to plain text files anyway.

So hopefully expect more posts from me.